The Whizolosophy Vision

Coming Attractions:

Sign For Change

Whizolosophy’s world improving petitions. Sign up. Speak out. Be heard. Sign the petition. Tell us what you think and we’ll do the rest. What’s Up A comprehensive worldwide list of the Whizolosophy related events and activities including times, dates and locations that the world needs to know about.

Change Makers

Whizolosophy’s recognition list of the people and organizations who are doing great, notable things. These people are the world changing makers that people need to be connected to. Introspection Our massive life altering, self-development course featuring more than one hundred personal work sheets – critical for creating the optimal life.

Whiz Picks

A daily compilation of the things we feel you just need to know as determined by the Whizolosophy editors from the daily contributions.

One Liners

Very brief (one or two lines) life-changing advice, comments, or anecdotes on life’s most important issues. Bite sized advice, certain to inform and educate.

Subjects Matter

An educational forum for teachers at all levels and students of all ages – a place where teachers can share Whizolosophy-related class plans, insights and ideas, and outstanding student works. Of course, students are welcome to visit, learn and share too.