About Whizolosophy

Welcome to Whizolosophy – the world's most amazing database for personal improvement. This is the culmination of a decade and more of dedication, with the final goal being to help readers find the best way to lead a long, happy and healthy life. 


When we started Whizolosophy, the concept was somewhat smaller in scope than it has become today. We were a small group made up of journalists, business people, marketing professionals and others who started out with an idea: to share the wisdom of ages with the world. We felt that the best way to help people live a healthy, happy life was to gather the knowledge and insight of those people who had already done so.


Our reporters interviewed dozens of elderly Canadians across the continent, seeking their stories and their advice. We talked to successful businessmen, the clergy, mothers, fathers, people who had achieved the place they wanted to in life and those who had failed to reach their goals. In the end,we had a repository of stories that was compelling and educational – and far more important than we had expected.As we sifted through the information in these stories, we started to see interesting themes winding through them. Many of our elderly subjects had similar experiences, and they came out of them with similar pieces of advice or important data. We came to a realization: that our interviews were only the starting point of something far larger.        


Our team began to review these themes, and in the end were able to identify 54 major themes that run the gamut from health to finance, from religion to education – just about every area of human life. Into those themes we sorted the collected advice and knowledge from our interviews, and then started adding more. We quickly realized that there was just far too much information out there for a small team to handle.We quickly realized that the only way to truly gather the wealth of human knowledge on improving ourselves and the world around us was to bring in our fellow humans from around the globe. And thus,Whizolosophy was born: a crowdsourced collection of knowledge and advice aimed at helping both its registered members and everyone else who needs some advice or inspiration to improve themselves.Our goal is to work with our members and readers at large to develop, expand and grow the knowledge held within this impressive repository of self-development information. By gathering all of this knowledge and wisdom in one place, we hope to leave a legacy of improvement for individuals, groups and the world as a whole.   


Everyone has knowledge to share – even you. Join us, won't you?